Zodiac Mommy – Which One Are You?


Have you ever believed in love at fist sight? Well, I certainly do and the reason is none other than my MOTHER who brought me into this world and nourished me with selfless love & Affection. MOTHER..as we say is an amalgamation of a critic, a teacher, a friend and soul guide for life. And since there is no bad or good mother, here are four signs in Astrology that tells us exactly who the best mommy is from all the other signs.


1) Pisces Mommy:


As they say ‘Never Play with Fire’; You mommy’s are compassionate & overflowing with energy and ardor. You offer limitless love to your child and are very intuitive about them. Being protective runs in your blood & you will do everything to make the best use of this trait. Way to Go!


2) Tauren Mommy:


Ahh! The earth sign and of one the stable signs of all the other zodiacs. You are not only patient, but you prioritize your kids necessities on top of everything. Nothing stops you from being the Hercules of the house. You are one sign that knows just the thing to get the best from a bargain. All you need a less pampering nature for your kid and you win our hearts.


3) Aries Mommy:


Are you an Aries mommy kid? If yes, then iam sure you do not want to mess with her. She is tough to live with. With her ambitious & spontaneous nature, she is adept in multi-tasking. Right from your homework, sport sessions or any of your recreational sessions, she knows how to get the work done with efficiency. Devoted to her kids, all she need is to give a little space for her kids to explore the world on their own and glory away.


4) Libra Mommy:


Also well-known as our balanced mommy, you know how to deal with kids in the most lovable way. Raising your kids sans punishment is your forte. There are just few things you mommy’s have to work upon which is giving your child his/her SPACE. Make sure you give your kids enough freedom so that they can explore the world on their own. And laying down few rules will be just an icing on the cake.

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