Why PINK Is An Example For Both Men & Women In Our Society?


Till now most of you must have seen the movie Pink released on last Friday, and if not then must watch it.


The movie depicts the life of three working modern independent women, from different background in the capital of India. Movie stars – Amitabh Bachchan, Tapsee Pannu, Kirti Kulhari, Andrea Tariang, Piyush Mishra, and Angad Bedi. The acting of all the actors really needs applause. At a point every actor has shown the hidden thespian inside them and it is really appreciable…


Other than the acting and the actors, if we talk about the story of the movie, then PINK is relevant to most of the news cases & incidents when women seek justice. As depicted in the movie PINK, situation of the girls is really very misconstrued by the people of our society. Just because three girls want to have some fun at night after the rock concert, indicated boys that these girls are available and are ready to do anything. PINK has just put out the real image of the thinking of men, who are the main cause or we can say the core reason of these incidents .


There are many questions that are raised on the character of the women throughout the vindictive litigation during which many arguments came out….


Why girls living alone in the society are questioned and are seen with filthy eyes, but boys are not?


Why it denotes that if the girl is talking frankly, by smiling and friendly gesture then she is interested in doing sex with you?


Why girl’s character is decided by the time at which she enters her home?


“Achhe ghar ki ladkiyaan drinks nahi karti hai”, Who has given the right to judge a girl’s family background and her character on the basis whether she intakes alcohol or not? And if a boy is taking alcohol then it’s ok…


Why a woman’s character is questionable, if she is bringing her male friends at her home?


These are some points from the movie’s plot, and these questions do not just exist in the reel life, but also in the real life. Today also we encounter many nosy neighbors, men, and even women also who support these wrong ideologies and thoughts. In the movie, an old moody lawyer suffering from bipolar disorder- Deepak Sehgal(Amitabh Bachchan) observed all the situation of the girl and takes the girl’s case. But in real life, many incidents of these types are just gone unreported and in many incidents, women have to go through severe conditions. PINK has left us a question- “Who has given the rights to a man to think like this about a woman and judge her?”


Even some of the educated and well-dressed men of the society also think like this and it has raised a question, are they trustworthy?… If a woman met a well-educated man at some event or function, they get introduced to each other, so, further should the woman trust on them that he is a safe guy, I can talk with him frankly in a friendly gesture? OR she should think that, if I’m going to behave frankly with him, it is possible he will take this gesture as an indication that I’m interested in getting physical with him.


Why don’t a man understand the meaning of one word sentence “NO”, When the girls says NO, she means NO… This movie has delivered an important message for every person in our society…


Now here come the question for women“Should they believe in any person who they know just by face many years back OR you just have met them and they are being polite to you OR a person who is your neighbor OR any men who seems well educated and dressed?”


If a man seems well educated and dressed, it doesn’t mean a girl should trust him, because our security is in our hand. Having fun, making friends is not wrong, but not being alert and going out of limit is wrong…

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