Why are two daughters treated differently?


It was the third trimester of Shalini. Shalini was pregnant with her second child and as the D-Day was coming closer, Shalini’s husband was being too nervous, that what it will be- a boy or a girl…. For Shalini it doesn’t matter whether it’s a boy or a girl, but for her husband and his son it matters a lot.


Shalini’s son(5 years old) Arya would get up daily in the morning and went to his mom and touch her bumped out tummy and ask one question- “when my sister will come out of your tummy”… As Arya has already seen many brother-sister siblings together that now he also wants a sister as his sibling.


D-Day was not that far, and when it was the day…then yes it was a baby girl.. everyone was very happy in the family… the baby was named as Aadvika. Like all the daughters she was also brought up and nurtured with great tender love & care. Shalini never forced Aadvika to learn cooking or other house chores, she always thought that now she is very younger, when she will grow up..she will learn it by herself. Aadvika passed her school and now she was enrolled in the college.


One day, Shalini’s mother-in-law visited them and she pointed out Shalini, “why you are not teaching Aadvika some household work and cooking, what she will do when she has to live with her in-laws after marriage”. Shalini just giggled and ignored her mother-in-law by saying that I will marry my daughter in a home where they also have the daughter as their child, so, they will keep my daughter as their daughter only.


Now, it was the day of Arya’s marriage and there was one more daughter in the house- “daughter-in-law”. Ritika was married to Arya, it was arranged marriage, and Ritika was from a family where she was the only child of her parents. Ritika is darling to her parents and was brought up with great love and pamper.


After one month of the marriage, Shalini’s attitude towards Ritika changed. Shalini started taunting Ritika- “why you get up so late in the morning, your father-in-law is up by 7o’clock, you should also be up by that time and serve us tea, and there are so many works to do, breakfast and lunch preparations”. Ritika was puzzled and she didn’t understand what to say at that time, and at that very moment Aadvika entered yelling- “Mamma aaj khane mein kya banaya hai?”. Shalini’s mood was changed seeing Aadvika with a bright smile on her face and she starts asking her “kya khaega mera beta?”.


This was not one occasion when Shalini pointed out Ritika, waking up early was just one thing. Not wearing jeans, finding faults in every action of Ritika, teaching her to behave like a sanskari bahu…


After few days Ritika burned up something while cooking and also burnt her hand, and Shalini got furious and said “Maa-Baap ne kuch ni sikhaya, aise kaise gahr chalogi tum…” , Ritika eyes were filled with tears and she ran out to her room… Aadvika was sitting in the living room watching TV and when she came across the situation…. she was thinking sooo deep in her mind…


That day was gone… and it was Saturday morning… weekend…


Shalini went to Aadvika’s room at 9:45 to wake her up, but she was already up, sitting at her window and little tensed… When Shalini saw her like this she also gets worried. Shalini went to Aadvika sat with her and asked her- “Kay hua mere bete ko, college mein kuch hua kya, kis baat ki tension hai? You can share it with me beta”.


Aadvika turned towards her mother and said “Maa, when I’ll get married, then my mother-in-law will also behave with me like you do with Ritika Bhabi..”, And Shalini had nothing to say about it…


This is not only the story of Shalini Ritika & Aadvika, this is the story of every home in India. It’s not just about the cooking skills, the issue is why daughters are differentiated….


There  are big questions for our society


Why are these two daughters treated differently?


Why do we expect something from others daughters that we don’t teach our daughters?




Why we expect that our daughter will be treated  fairly, even if we are not treating others daughter fairly…. ?


Time to think about it…

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