When Your Body Met Menopause!!


Every woman has to go through menopause once in her life. People think it’s a sign for the women that they are getting old, but on the other hand some women take menopause as an empowered change in their body. All depends on the thinking of the person.


But just the thinking cannot let your body survive with menopause happily. Menopause brings hot flashes, mood swings, itching, aching joints, night sweats, vaginal dryness, fatigue, sleep disorder, memory lapses, concentrating problem, bloating, depression, anxiety, irritability and many other body changes.


The biggest change with which menopause come is mood swing, you are happy now and you will be depressed in the next 10 minutes. It’s just like the sudden shift, and even the woman herself don’t know when she is going to feel how.


In short, there are mainly seven dwarfs of menopause- Image



And if this phase is not handled rightly it can create great emotional stress and can also lead the woman into depression. The main thing to do this time is to manage our stress in a positive direction and take care of our body in the best way that we can.


Some of the way in which phase of menopause could be handled in a better way are:


Laughter is the best medicine:

Yes, it is. Laughter can help to relieve stress, and it can lower fatigue, heart diseases, and depression. and if you laugh a lot then it will also help you burn your belly fat. So, what are you waiting for, always make time during the whole day, watch your favorite TV serial that makes you laugh, watch comedy shows, meet happy people, share jokes, watch cartoons.



Thinking is necessary for the brain & body:

By thinking, it didn’t mean to think about menopause. Thinking means- give your mind space, peace to think deeper. Meditate and relieve your stress. Yoga and meditation can help to think deep and will never let you forget anything. Yoga and meditation will help in having to stress less sleep.



Move your body:

You need to move your body and exercising can help you with it. Keep yourself active, always keep yourself engage in some physical activity. Regular walking, little jogging will keep the body healthy and not let your body gain extra weight.

An Athletic woman jogging in the winter.


Pamper yourself sometimes:

Sometimes body needs to relax, so pamper yourself with massage, it will release the muscle tension and give your body a soothing sensation.



Stop intake of toxic material:

Just cut down your booze or smoking, if you do it. It may help you relieve stress for a short time but in the long term, it can lead you to depression.



Plan little delights for yourself:

Yes, this is the best way to make yourself happy, prioritize your hobby and interest. Talk with your friends and have a good time. Plan a small trip with friends to get refresh from the boring life.



Go herbal:

Start consuming products that are more closed to nature, it will keep your body immunity strong and away from impure and toxic things. Try to consume necessary vitamins and proteins through natural products. Try to consume vegetables and fruits in its more natural way than processed. Take more liquid in your diet.


These were some way by which phase of menopause can be treated well. There are many other things that should be taken care during menopause. Every woman must be aware of the symptoms of menopause, and when she feels like she has reached that stage, then she should visit a doctor and get her whole body checkup. Because menopause sometimes came with many health related problems and a woman body goes through many changes during this time. Sometimes menopause also results into the loss of libido due to hormonal changes in the body. So, if these symptoms are noticed, then must consult the doctor.


Make your MENOPAUSE healthy and happy!!

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