Six Challenges to The Mom with The Newborns


Being mother of a newborn baby is a rocking experience!! Giving birth to a baby is not the toughest task, but after the birth facing challenges while taking care of the baby is the toughest task. Before stepping in the period of motherhood, a woman has never thought that the tiniest human being can create so many challenges.
Let’s discuss some of the most common top challenges with the newborns:

  • Breastfeed enough for your baby’s tummy?

Breastfeeding is the most natural process, but in the beginning, it can create a little problem especially for the new moms. It isn’t smooth as it seems.
Problem: Generally, most of the moms are not sure that their baby is getting enough milk or not. And if a baby is not getting enough milk then it can lead to dehydration although it is very uncommon but it is serious.

Solution: If the breast feels softer after feeding the baby or the infant is looking relaxed and satisfied, or baby is wetting 6 to 8 diaper cloths a day, then it means baby had enough of his food.

  • Is Baby Latching on the right way?

Problem: Improper latching can cause nipple pain.

Solution: Always make sure that the baby mouth is wide enough while feeding so that baby is not just focusing on the nipples but also on the area around the nipples. Always try to put the nipple in the upper part of the baby’s mouth. It’s better, baby grabs the right latching way as sooner as possible because later it will create pain in the nipples and breast.

  • Are you comfortable while you nursing your baby?

Problem: Nursing a newborn baby really should be a paid job. In the beginning nursing, a baby is not easy.

Solution: A mother should choose the perfect spot in the house, where she can take full body support and can give the softest support to her baby also. Choose the right place, equipped with all the necessary things like tissue, thermos flask with hot water, diapers, baby clothes to change them, laptop or notepad to note the time of breastfeeding, to keep a record, nipple cream, burp cloths with them.

  • Don’t make the baby too sticky to their mom

Problem: Baby always demanding mother can create a hectic schedule for the mother.

Solution: To make out time for other household work it is necessary that baby is friendly with his dad or relatives. So that, the infant will not demand always mamma’s lap. Give generous alone time to the baby with his dad or grandparents, to develop a bond of affection and giggle from the baby’s side.

  • Baby being irritated and cranky

Problem: Baby crying very often, getting irritated.

Solution: Baby generally cry when they feel hungry or if there is need to change the diapers. But after that also if the baby doesn’t stop crying then maybe he needs a little rest or we can say sleep. A newborn spend most of their time sleeping so if they are not getting enough rest they will behave like grumpy and grouchy crying all the time.

  • Making your baby go to sleep

Problem: A little noise wakes up the baby, or infant is waking up in the midnight.

Solution: Don’t pamper too much to your baby that it will get problematic to you later. No need to talk like hush-hush while your baby is sleeping, try to make habit to the baby so that, they can fell asleep in the noise also. And make a proper schedule sleeping schedule so that they don’t wake up in the midnight and create a ruckus for you.


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