Motherhood A Balancing Act in Every Mother’s Life


A woman is bestowed with a divine gift and that is, being a mother. Ability to create a living being from our own body is a great gift to women.
The state of motherhood is started even before the birth of the child from the very first day of the pregnancy, and it goes on even after the birth of her third generation and it never ends until her soul leaves her body.
An employee just has to work 6-8 hours a day, but a mother never stops working, 24/7 she thinks about her kids and family.
It is so incredible that God has made an internal love bond or we can say an invisible connection, from every mother’s heart towards her child, that she is inevitably thinking and caring about her child every moment. A mother chooses any profession as her career, child will be her first and last priority and she would always be nurturing towards her child.
It doesn’t matter a woman has two kids or three, only a mother knows loving without biasness. Mother knows the art of dividing uneven things equally among her children. She knows exactly how to divide 3 loafs of bread among 4 children, doesn’t matter she gets any piece of it or not. She has to balance everything accordingly so that she can give her every child whatever they need.
Some of the common thoughts that cross mind of every single mother, whether she is a mom of 3-year-old kid or a 30-year-old adult are like-
“What should I cook … she likes to eat this … this will be healthy …
This time, he must be in school … he must be having his lunch …
Why he is so late… it’s raining outside … he must be feeling cold… I should cook something hot.
She must be studying … I must not disturb her …”


Yes, it seems a little strange, but only a mother can understand it.

There are many difficult situations in life, but then also a mother never stops caring about her kid. She plays more than one role and has to balance every little single moment in her life-
Struggling and juggling:

This is an important role that every mother performs daily, an act of balance which is not simple, struggling and juggling with her work. it’s not just about getting up early, cooking food, raising kids, and taking care of the family.

It is an unintentional force from her inner side that keeps her forcing towards taking care of every need of her child and family. It’s about sacrificing her sleep or ignoring a life changing dream opportunity, it’s about unintentional love towards her kids, neglecting self-health just to give time to kid’s priority.

Mother is filled with the generous feeling of selflessness and always does everything in concern for her child’s welfare.
Making work everything:

Helping in studies, readying everything before kids leave for school or work, helping in school project, waking up whole night during the exams with the kid while they are studying just to make them feel warm and comfortable, cooking favorite dish for kids by getting up early in the morning, helping you get dressed the best – Only a mother can do it.

A child becomes a separate individual sooner or later, but feeling of a mother towards her child remains the same.

A mother is a creator, protector, teacher, carver, epitome of kindness and much more… these words are less for her.

So, Cheers to Motherhood!!


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