If You Are An Engineer, You Need To Know This!!


Congratulation to every engineer and who are going to be an engineer.


As today is engineers day, so here are some of the facts related to engineers that will amaze you and will enlighten you with awareness & reality.


Everyone knows that 15th September is celebrated as Engineers day in India, but why it is celebrated on this day only?


15th September is the birthday of  a scholar-statesman Mr.Santosh Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya“. He was an Indian Engineer and the Diwan of Mysore. He is the receiver of highest Indian honor- “Bharat Ratna” .


He was the head engineer responsible for the construction of the Krishna Raja Sagara dam in Mysore, as well as the chief designer of the flood protection system for the city of Hyderabad.


India is a place which are full of people who use their own brain and ideas to make things work and these people are called as “Jugaadu People”. These persons work on this discipline of Jugaad(makeshifts) from their childhood only.


If we talk about the great inventions, then India has contributed a lot, from a very ancient time. And without that little inventions, no engineer could have succeeded in making  great structures around the world.

One of that invention is “Ruler“. The “Ruler” was first used by Indus Valley Civilization, made of Ivory with amazing accuracy of decimals and subdivisions.


Well, this is something from an old time…


Let’s bring you to the present…Do you know, “Approx 16% of startups in the Silicon Valley have had an Indian co-founder“. There are many other great inventions and creations by Indian Engineers in the different fields like science, agriculture, mining, medicine, mathematics without which half of the things in this world would be undiscovered till now…. Prefabricated home, metallurgy, sugar refinement, Fibonacci, trigonometric functions, Bhabha Scattering and much more….


This was one side of the coin, let’s show you another side of it, by asking you a question…


If you are an engineer, then here is the question for you, why did you choose engineering?


In India Engineering is a fashion trend and more than half of the students opt for engineering, just because their parents want them to do that, “and they don’t know what else to do”.


April 2014, 1.4 million candidates appeared for the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE), making it one of the biggest single day exams in human history. The number of people who appeared for that single exam is more than the total number of people who appeared for the GMAT and GRE put together, across the entire world, that entire year.


India produces about 1.5 million engineers every year,


And still, around 75% of engineers in India are unemployed.


These facts are just to give your mind a thought process…


If you want to be an engineer… just be the best, because just the title of the engineer will not make you qualified to earn money. You need the skills…


Happy Engineers Day!! 🙂

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