Eight Essential Life Lessons That Every Parent Teach Their Kids for A Better Future


Many of you must be thinking after reading the article’s title that, teaching kids life lesson is a very early stage for them to know about the worldliness. Yes, kids are too small to learn about the concepts of the world or principles, but the base of those principles and values should be formed at the young age only.

When a child grows up and is an adult at that time his character, his behavior all depends on what he is taught in his childhood, what basic values he has been taught by his guardians. So, it’s very clear that child should be imparted with basic values in his early childhood for a better future.


To live bold and boom in this world, here are some life lessons that should be imparted to every child.


  • Respecting People:

Respect is what you give and get in return. Respect is the key to all good things. And it implies with everyone. Respect should not be given by seeing the power or position of a people. Every human deserves respect, whether the person is a gardener, neighbors, friend, guard or your driver. Teach your kid to respect everyone by wishing them and being polite to them. It is the basic principle of humanity. Respects differs according to the people, respecting authority shows obedience, respecting poor shows kindness, respecting friends shows brotherhood… and the most important thing is, teach your child to respect himself, don’t get bullied by anyone and have some courage to face the bad. Talking back, arguing, disobedience, teasing badly get vanished when a child learns to respect.


  • Etiquettes:

Manners of behaving with elders, friends, neighbors, teachers, and all the people that met you in your daily life. Teach your kid the basic manners of talking, eating, wishing, and behaving with people. If a person works for you on daily wage it doesn’t mean you will treat them ill-mannerly just because they don’t match your standards. If you have employed someone it doesn’t mean you will throw their salary on their face or make them sit on the ground. Teach your child not to discriminate, and to behave properly, it will make the other person happy as well as it will make your inner soul happy.


  • Win and Lose Gracefully:

Teach your kid true sportsmanship, as we know that, winning and losing is the part of life. And the family that play with their child and make them learn to win gracefully and also to loose gracefully, performs very good in sports in school. Mostly kids start crying, behave angrily, or become sad or hopeless; but this is not good for them. Teach them to accept their defeat elegantly, an opponent is only an opponent until the game is finished. Winning is good, but being proud and showing arrogance is bad, so after winning just behave like a winner. It’s not only about any game or sport, this principle also goes with the life.


  • Honesty is the best policy

Being honest is the main principle of the living, never hide your child’s wrongdoings like dishonesty, shoplifting, lying, or stealing. Always teach them to tell you the truth and being honest. Teach them never do anything for their benefit that can harm others. Most of the kids stole their friend’s belongings if they find it attractive, but this is a very bad habit. Always teach your kids that if they want something then they can come to you and ask for it. Stealing and shoplifting are very bad actions, it can get your kids in trouble if it becomes a habit. So, it’s better to teach them to never steal anything.

One more thing that comes in honesty is being truthful, teach your kids to never lie. While having fun telling lies and being naughty is ok, but make sure your child doesn’t get habitual to it.


  • Learn from Every Opportunity:

Teach your child to learn from every little opportunity and never underestimate anything. Teach them to find the positive side of everything and learn from it, instead of ignoring and under judging the things. Tell them to listen to people very carefully, they can learn a good lesson from it. If someone is sharing his wisdom, listen to it carefully; because people only talk on the behalf of their previous experience.


  • Think before you speak

This is the very basic lesson of the life that every child should be taught. Sometimes adults also say something that is not meant to be said, something rude or taunts, it can hurt someone’s feelings or pride. So, teach your kid to always be polite to everyone and if they are angry with someone, don’t ever say something that can hurt others.


  • Being Kind:

Teach your kids to be kind, and they don’t need a reason to help a people. If they have the opportunity and enough resource to help someone needy, then they should definitely help people. Be kind not only to people but also to animals.


  • Mom and Dad Will Not Always Support You:

In Indian community, this is very common parents always interfere in the kids fighting or issues. But you should teach your kids to handle their problem on their own, deal with their school fight on their own but in a good way. Make your kids realize that mom and dad won’t be always there to save them when they will screw up. This is the most important lesson of the life, otherwise, the kid will get dependent on you, and will create big troubles thinking of that mummy is there to save me or dad will look after me. Parents should watch over their kids like an invisible shed

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