11 Inspiring Animated Movies That Every Parent Must Watch With Their Kids


11 Animated movies that can inspire your kids with life lessons that will keep them motivating to move forward in life in spite of challenges and difficulties. These movies will not only give you a moral but also entertain you with different stories. Must watch it with your kids.


1. Wall-E:


Wall-e is a cute love story of two robots who fell in love with each other, but one more important and serious message this movie delivers and that is- if we humans keep going on polluting the planet, like we are doing now then soon we have to find an alternative place to get shift. So, go green and save your habitat.


2. Finding Nemo:


Finding Nemo is a perfect movie showing father’s love to find his son. In this movie there is a character called dory, she teaches an important lesson, and that is “don’t give up, in spite of disability or any type of challenges you face in your life.”


3. Brave:


Brave movie is a very good movie in which it is shown that Merida- the princess knows every fighting skill and she hates representing herself like a girl. Due to this reason there are conflicts between Merida and her mother. At the end, both mother daughter understand each other’s perspective and respect it. This movie is all about family.


4. Kung Fu Panda:


If you have seen the movie than there is a term in the movie- “Inner Peace” and all the movie is about achieving inner peace. In short it mean, if you believe in yourself you can do anything.


5. UP:


Most touching and heartwarming love story of a couple, but the main lesson this movie teaches is moving forward even after the loved one is gone, this is what life is all about.


6. Frozen:


This movie is perfect for the sibling who get trouble to get along. And it delivers various messages- Allow yourself to dream. Channel your emotions in a constructive manner. Accept your loved ones for who they are. Family comes first.


7. Ice Age:


In this movie three different animal- a sloth named Sid, a mammoth named Manny and a saber-tooth tiger named Diego work together to return a lost child to her mother, proving that unlikely people can also be friends. It’s all about friendship.


8. Happy Feet:


Happy Feet is a very cute and emotional movie which teaches friendship, courage, self-esteem, responsibility, respect, caring and try to achieve something even after the disability to sing.


9. The Croods:


This movie shows the perception of a rebellious daughter who wants to discover new things in her life but his overprotective father never let her do that. This movie gives a very unique message- ” Don’t limit yourself and don’t let others convince you that you are limited in what you can do. Believe in yourself and then live so as to reach your possibilities. You can achieve what you believe you can. Trust and believe and have faith.”


10. Ratatouille:


Movie with a very different story in which a mouse wants to become a chef, and he tries everything to make his dream come true. This movie gives a very big message and that is dream big and follow it.


11. The Incredibles:


Family of a superheroes which fight to rescue the family form the evil. This movie is about- “Don’t be afraid to be yourself.”

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