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FEATURES - 10 Ways To Use It

Kid’s Schooling Advice

Kid’s school planning advice from experienced moms


Home Made Recipe

Deal your kitchen with new healthy recipes


Crèches/Day Care

Learn kid’s wellness tips and daily care suggestions


Discussion Platform

Discuss kid’s issues and get immediate solutions


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Invite your friends and win lucrative promotional offers


Create groups

Easy way to hook-up with other mom friends


Instant Messaging

Painlessly communicate with moms without interruption


Photo Album

Capture and share prime moments of your kid


Post Kid’s Stories

Post your kid’s day to day achievements


Promote Yourself

Connect with nearby moms and socialize yourself


How It Works

Konnect Moms

KonnectMoms is a social platform for mothers to get connected with other moms in the vicinity & discuss daily chores, kid’s problems, their achievements and other activities with each other. The Moms create groups on this platform based on their respective interests and actively contribute. This assists in encompassing mothers and their kid’s activities efficiently.

With the help of KonnectMoms, mothers from different locations come under one cluster, meet-up online and overcome their seclusion. It becomes feasible for them to trade off baby’s products and find new groups to explore with. Whether a working woman, a home maker or a doctor by profession, it is an open forum for all the talented and modern-day multitasking moms.


Well Liked Groups

Most Talked about popular groups on the KonnectMoms!

Home-Maker Moms

Share daily happenings & events

Frolic Ladies Team

Involves in outdoor activities with their kids

Professional Moms

Concern with kid’s future planning

Gang of KonnectMoms

Most active Moms

Star Moms

Nidhi Sharma

Chef Mom of the month with healthy recipe lists for readers

Kanchan Khatana

Most Active & Leader Mom of the month

In The News

Most popular platform for Moms: KonnectMoms making News!!

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